Based on our experience and feedback, we developed a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers.

For any additional information please contact us and we will gladly answer your concerns or questions. For more information on tours, attractions, etc.. We invite you to browse our website under "Know Margarita Island".

What are the Check-in and check-out hours?
For hotel guests, check-in is at 3:00 p.m. and check-out is at 12:00 m. In the event that you should need our help to store your luggage out of check-in/out hours, please, contact the Guest Service Attendant in your tower.
How can a guest get reservations for special cuisine restaurants?

Reservations to eat Italian food at Caruso Restaurant or to eat Mexican food at La Troje Restaurant, should be made at the Guest Service Desk by phone or in person a day in advance.

How do tourists get to and from the city?

To leave the hotel the most comfortable way is by taking a taxi at the hotel. Taxis have standard fixed fares in bolívares fuertes, varying only according to the destination. When returning to the hotel, it is recommended to take one at a taxi stop. As a complementary service, the resort offers its clients transportation services-resort-downtown-resort- twice a day, at a very reasonable price.

How far is the shopping area?

By taxi, the main shopping center is only 5 minutes away from the resort; downtown Porlamar is only 10 minutes away.  Both alternatives are duty free.

How far is the Hotel from the airport?

It takes from about 25 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the traffic. The road is kept in excellent condition. Airport taxi services are reliable and safe.

Required Documentation

A valid passport for at list six months, a tourist visa or a tourist card issued at the port of origin and a return ticket are required by Venezuelan authorities. Your travel agency can give you more detailed information on the subject.


The monetary unit is the bolívar fuerte (Bs. F.) available in paper denominations of: 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2;  and  coin denominations of Bs. F. 0,01, 0,05, 0,10, 0,125, 0,25, 0,50 and 1. Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, are accepted in almost every store, restaurant, hotel, bar and nightclub.


A Vaccination Certificate against Yellow Fever from visitors arriving from risk geographical areas which is only valid 10 days after the person has been vaccinated is mandatory by Venezuelan port and airport authorities. People not complying with this rule, will not be admitted to Venezuela. For more detailed information on the subject, please contact your travel agency.

Average Annual Temperature

The temperature on the island varies from 32 º C in September to 24 º C in January. Since the sun rays are perpendicular, very high sunscreen protection is recommended at all times.


Restaurants, bars, and clubs’ bills include a 10% service charge; however, an additional adequate tip may well be over 5% of the total bill. It is a custom to compensate good service by tipping waiters and waitresses, tourist guides, hotel maids and porters.

Security measures should be taken in Venezuela, just like in any other city around the world (New York, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, etc.). It is advisable not to carry lots of cash or jewelry, or to go out for a walk at night to places not recommended.
Water in Venezuela is treated; however, drinking tap water is not recommended since it is kept in large tanks for long periods of time and it may spoil. It is best to drink mineral or filtered water only.

The common voltage used for electric light and appliances such as hair blowers and shaving razors is 110. 

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For reservations send request to:
(58 + 295) 400-4001
(58 + 295) 400-4032
(58 + 295) 400-4035
(58 + 295) 400-4085
Fax (58 + 295) 400-4097
Or contact your travel agent.

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