Coche Island
Coche Island, located south of Margarita with a total area of about 43 kms and eight kilometers away from El Yaque at a  35 minute distance ride by motor boat,  features several villages to stroll through, starting with its capital  San Pedro de Coche, Güinima, El Amparo, El Guamache and La Uva, and several  gorgeous beaches outstanding La Punta or Punta Blanca,  with the whitest sand and clearest calm waters with incredibly strong stable winds, from December to July ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing and constant milder winds between August and November ideal for learning or for larger kites.  Many new resorts have been developed on its beachfront shore to meet the needs of surfers, and for those in search of a quiet vacation far from stress. Daily guided excursions to visit this island can be made from your hotel. Almost everyone who lives here is involved with fishing or tourism.

Cubagua Island
Cubagua Island, a barren place, located to the southwest of Margarita Island and 15 kilometers west of Coche Island, best known for the Ruins of Nueva Cádiz, the first colonial settlement in South America when it flourished as a pearl capital until it was destroyed by an earthquake and a tidal wave during the sixteenth century. It was completely forgotten until the ruins were discovered in 1950 and declared a National Monument in 1979. Many tourists are attracted to visit the ruins and by its deserted beaches with luring crystalline waters where snorkeling is highly recommended. High suntan screen protection is a must. There are no facilities so it’s best to visit this Island on a guided tour.
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