Basilica Menor Nuestra Señora del Valle
This temple is located in the Espiritu Santo Valley, Monsignor street corner Velasquez and Seminary Street, opposite Plaza Santiago Mariño. The church existed since 1528, so it is one of the oldest in Margarita, and she worships the image of the Immaculate Maria Virgin, patron saint of sailors and fishermen, known under the title of N, or the Virgin of the Nuestra Señora del Valle as it is known locally and globally. The feast of Nuestra Señora del Valle will be held from 1 until 15 September, being the main day on 8. It was consecrated by His Holiness Pope John Paul II in 1995.
Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Cathedral
This building is located at the junction of Union street and Calle Fermín, facing the Plaza Bolivar, the historic city center of Asuncio. Building started in 1571 about the orders of Fray Juan de Manzanillo, on the ashes that remained of the Santa Lucia church. This church is a living reminder of the colonial era, there still exist some valuable ornaments and images of that era.
Cristo del Buen Viaje Church
This church is located on Avenida Joaquin Maneiro, Pampatar, in front of the de San Carlos de Borromeo Castle, he began to build during the colonial era. This temple houses the statue of Cristo del Buen Viaje, which the villagers call with admiration and devotion: "The Old", its patron saint, which he celebrates his feast on May 3 with a solemn mass and other activities.
San Nicolás de Bari Church
Located at the beginning of the boulevard Gómez, facing the Plaza Bolivar, the streets Igualdad and Velasquez, Porlamar, San Nicolas de Bari which is the patron of the Porlamar city, also called the sailor´s city, the festivities in honor of the saint is celebrated on 6 December.
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