La Restinga National Park
Stretching out for over 10,700 hectares, La Restinga National Park features, undoubtedly, the most unique site on the Island. On one side, there is a lagoon with natural channels surrounded by thick mangroves which have been identified with very amusing names such as: My Sweet Love Tunnel, Tunnel of Pride, Paradise of Love and Garden of Love.  Among the variety of birds which flock to these waters, the most frequently seen are the scarlet flamingos, hawks, pelicans and parrots which come here to feed in the mangroves.  On the other side, there is a beach which runs along a very narrow stretch connecting Macanao Peninsula with the eastern side of the island. It is an ideal place for those looking for eco-tourism. The lagoon can only be reached by boat rented for a standard fee at the “Embarcadero Caño Indio” which is next to the parking lot. The beach may be reached, by land or by boat. There are restaurants and kiosks offering local dishes.
Cerro El Copey National Park or La Sierra
Cerro El Copey National Park (La Sierra), named for the Copey tree, is on the highest mountain of almost 1000 m altitude, surrounded by green valleys and plains. Many tourists are attracted to visit La Sierra to enjoy a picnic and the extraordinary view of the island.
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