Juan Griego
Juangriego, capital of Marcano Municipality is located on a picturesque bay with a wide curving beach with fishing boats and a small dock from where the doubled-towered church can be seen. Right along Marina Street across from the bay, one can find a great number of shops and vendors on the street exhibiting their handcraft jewelry and merchandise. There are restaurants serving both local and international dishes. Marina Street leads north of the bay to a much bigger dock where Yachts and fishing boats can full up with gas oil and gasoline. On the hill, there is a fortress called El Fortín de La Galera which gives Juangriego a special charm as an unspoiled tourist place,with views of spectacular sunsets in spite of its status as a duty free port town.
Pampatar, capital of Maneiro Municipality has a deep-water port with one of the largest marinas on the island. Yachts from around the world anchor here. Along its curving long beach there are many hotels and good restaurants. There are two colonial forts here: the ruined Fortín de La Caranta and the restored Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo, now a museum.  Directly across it, there is a plaza and a lovely old church where the statue of the Christ of the Happy Voyage is venerated by fisherman who attribute miraculous powers to it. West of the plaza are some pisturesque colonial houses. The most outstanding of these is the customs house known as the Yellow House, although painted in a different color!  Its economy is based on fishing, tourism, shipping and construction.
Porlamar, capital of Mariño Municipality, is considered Margarita`s largest and busiest city and the major center for tourism, commerce, fisheries and construction.. The most outstanding hotels, restaurants, banks, duty-free shops, night clubs and discos are found along two major avenues: Avenida 4 de Mayo and Avenida Santiago Mariño; and downtown, south of the Main Square “Plaza Bolívar”, are two boulevards lined with stores: Boulevard Guevara and Boulevard Gómez leading to a modern cruise ship dock which is currently being finished. Also, there is Francisco Nárvaez Museum of Modern Art, two blocks away from St. Nicholas Church at Bolívar Square, on Igualdad Street.  
La Asunción
La Asunción, capital of Arismendi Municipality and of the State of Nueva Esparta has been known since the colony in the sixteen century as an administrative center. It was chosen as capital because of its strategic position. It is located on the valley of Santa Lucia, surrounded by Cerro Copey and Matasiete mountains and the Colonial Bridge. There is evidence of its historic importance in every corner of this city. Located to the left of the main square Simon Bolivar is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption built in the XVI century, one of the earliest samples of Venezuelan architecture.  Across from the Cathedral on the corner of Independence Street, one can find the Museum of Nueva Cadiz which was originally the “Casa Capitular”, or the old colonial administration building. Art exhibitions by local artisans can be appreciated at the Cultural House located right in front of the square.  Past the right side of the Cathedral, a pedestrian mall has been built along Calle Libertador which leads to the former Franciscan Convent, now housing the Legislative Assembly and the Town Hall. Leaving La Asunción on the road to La Sierra one can drive to the Castillo de Santa Rosa, overlooking the city. 
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